OF INTEREST--THE student Growth Target is a bell curve. In a general sense, 50% of student show growth than the mean normative assessment.

MAP APP (website) for MAP Find resources:


http://rittoresource.org: RIT TO RESOURCE APP/LINK
- I LIKE IT! This is a way to get resources to match subject--standard --RIT LEVEL
RIT to Resource is designed in partnership with Gooru Learning to provide teachers with curated links to Common Core State Standards-aligned content across the Web. Because we correlate these links to RIT score ranges, you can also use these resources in conjunction with flexible student groupings to find targeted learning within each student’s zone of proximal development.
Parents can also use this website as a guide to finding appropriate enrichment activities at home.

MAP Scores
Florida Curriculum Learning Ladders


Virtual Comparison Groups (VCGs) need to be purchased at an additional cost. Lander and Riverton area teachers are wanting to look at Native American Populations to see who is scoring high and use interventions.

TAKE HOME: Growth Goals are based on the Bell Curve--only 50% of the students will meet the growth target.
Yet, the growth target is only maintenance.

See what students need to learn in order to go above the Maintenance Level of Growth (Student Growth Target)

ASG Calculator--MAP Reports---information--sensor---norm study resources--download the ASG Calculator
ASG Calculator

Conditional Growth Index--stay at one or lower--over means their chances of success are less.

Norm Data Study Files--look and see the bell curve compared to percentiles.
WEB-MAP reports--Instructional resources--Norms Study Resources--RIT Scale Norm Study Data Files
This correlates every RIT Score to every Percentile to Every Season--Do not print--Freeze the top row of the Excel File