ELA Common Core Standards
Early Elementary
Late Elementary
Science interactives
Virtual Dissection
Every Day Mysteries
Human Body (8th and up)
Human Anatomy Online
Inner Body Antatomy

Energy QuestTeaches students to
conserve resources
to invest in our future. Energy Quest

Chem for Kids

Extreme Planet Makeover Design your own planet.
Make a Planet
Building Big!Interactive website that explores force,
load, materials and shape.

middle too
Cells Alive!Interactive website that offers
information about cells.

The Heart
Chemical Elements Interactive
periodic table of elements.

Everyday Mysteries

Khan Academy
Uses videos to provide math and
science lessons to all ages.

Science interactives

Teaching Science and Math

8th Grade Science Ideas

Smithsonian Lessons



Cross-curricular online activities in a variety of subject areas, grades 2 – 12.

National Geographic Kids

Topics include animals and nature, history, and science and space.

Schooltime Games

Variety of online games to supplement instruction in various subjects.
Science Monster

Quick, interactive mini-lessons on a variety of science topics.

Smithsonian Educators

Tons of educational resources on many topics supported by the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies.

Type in any unit of measurement and it will calculate a bunch of conversions.

Weather Channel Kids

Interactive games and activities related to weather.

Windows to the Universe

Variety of resources on the topics of our planet, the solar system, astronomy and the universe.

Science Units and Ideas

Life Cycles
Penguin Site

Animal Research Foldable
Earth Day Activities
Earth Day I See
Cool Science
Delightful Dolphins
Earth Day Birthday
Earth Friendly Decisions
Earth Book
Food Word Cards
Forest Unit
Garden Journal Prompts
Garden Sequence Cards
Garden Short Vowels
Monarch Magic
Ocean Cutouts
The Way We Go To School
Ocean Lesson Plans

Butterfly Puppet
Penguins Unit
Animal Homes
Animal Matching
Apple Mania

Earth Day Unit
Ocean Words
Ocean Zones
Panda Parts
Animal Cards
Animal Pairs
Animals In Winter
Birds of Winter

Rabbits / Hares
Rock Rangers
Science in a Nutshell
Sealife Animals
Seasons Arnolds Apple Tree
Sea Words
Shark School
Sky Watch

Sequence a Frog
Under The Sea Bingo
Vegetable Cutouts
Welcome Wildlife
Whale of a Time

Amazing Space
Online explorations including Planet Impact!, Hubble Mission, Galaxies Galore and more!
Atoms Family
Science activities.
BBC Science Clips
Lots of great science activities.
The Biology Project
Problem sets and tutorials.
Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Interactive activities including dinosaurs and bones.
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Interactive learning for science.
Earth Science Games from NASA
Exploratorium Online Activities
Try activities in the following areas: observatory, planet earth, machines & tools, living things, seeing, sport science, human body, mind & perception, and food.
Interactive resources for grades K-2, 3-6, and middle school on many science topics.
The Great Plant Escape
Learn about plants (English and Spanish) for grades 3-5.
Human Anatomy Online from Inner Learning
Learn about the human body.
Nobel Prize Simulations and Games
Play games based on award winning work.
This Old Habitat
Visit habitats and learn about ecology.
OMSI Science Activities
A dozen science topics and activties.