Not going through QWEST?

Greg Lundvall needs to be contacted

It utilizes better through upload mot download.
All the download has to come through the WEN
At Arapahoe, they are seeing the benefits of this.
This is a real possibility.
Qwest is only providing so much.
What is the most bandwidth we can get here?
RT only provides only the local piece. AT&T or another will have to help.
We can get any bandwidth locally.
On the local piece, What will happen to the T1s?
Have we approached the state about funding? We need to visit with Greg Lundvall.

E-rate prioirtiy one and pritority two. I is connectivity pritority two is equipment. switches survers, etc.

Wide area network needs to have research done on this.

Connectivity between schools-the fiber can be leased or deidicated. It would come out ethernet at both schools.
You pay for the bandwidth you are going to use.

Some of the connections are crappy so this is a scchool thing.
What do we have as a potential
Have us contact AC T.

We need ACt or qwest in the conversation.
PEP link

50 mg
2781 no contract
5 year contract 2224
This is local.only. We need prices for the state.

definitely a dedicated server
SDL service is guaranteed and not best effort

summer 2012

We can put our own filtering on

I am the contact person.