Printing a Student Summary (Grade Report)

There are several reports that you, as a teacher, can generate. This example will . . .
· Generate a grade report for each student showing
· One Student Per Page
· Assignment Details (you can select which details you wish to print)
· A line for Parent/Guardian Signature
· Comments that you have entered on a student-by-student basis in your Gradebook
· Teacher Comments (optional) that will print on each student’s grade report.
To Generate this Report . . .
1. From the Infinite Campus Index (Left-hand Sidebar) . . .
a. Click “Reports” and “Student Summary”
b. Following the Numbered Arrows below, select the options you wish (the ones I checked below worked best for me)
i. The red boxes and arrows below (#’s 1 – 7) serve as an example . . . as you become acquainted with this report generator, you will find that certain options work best for you . . .
ii. The blue arrows allow you to select individual students and/or individual assignments one at a time . . .
c. Click “Generate Report”
a. You should now see the *.pdf file on screen (an example with the student’s name blocked out is shown below)Click the “Printer” button and print as usual from this point forward

Creating a Schedule Report

1. From the Reports tab, select the New icon. A Report Detail and a Report Options table will appear.
2. Enter a Name for this schedule. This name should reflect the type of schedule it is so that users can quickly generate the correct report.
3. Select the Schedule option from the Type dropdown list.
4. Determine if this report should be available on the Portal. If so, check the Publish to Portal box.
5. If desired, enter a Description for this schedule.
6. Select the appropriate Report Options for the schedule.
7. Click the Save icon when finished. The new schedule will be listed in the Reports Editor and can also be selected on the Schedule Batch wizard in the Scheduling Reports section.

Frequently Asked Questions

After logging into campus using the mobile url, why can I only see the word "school"?

This is most likely related to the way your PDA caches webpages through your browser. The work around is to access your district's normal campus site before loging on to the mobile site, that way you can cache the appropriate Calendar and SchoolIDs.

In what order should end of year events be done?

This list assumes that all grades and reports cards have been sent.
Post to transcripts
Enrollment end batch
Create next year's calendar
Roll students forward
Mark next year as the active year
Give rights for the new calendar to staff members

How can a person be added to the contact lists?

In each district, there are people that are approved to contact Campus Support with questions and emails. These people are the ones on that also receive emails from Campus, announcing events and updates and the like. If these contacts change, an email should be sent to the support email address requesting a change. If more than the approved people should receive emails, one of the already approved people should send an email to Campus support requesting the additional people be added.

When importing test scores, an error occurs. Is there a simple way to figure out why?

It really depends on the test. It may be how the test information was created in the application; it may be the data string of the test does not match the data attached to the test; it may be a hangup on the server. The best way to have success when uploading test scores is to contact IC Support.

Are substitutes supposed to have access to Campus?

That is a district decision. Best practices suggest that substitutes that are at the school for a day should not be given a login to use Campus. Attendance should be taken manually and given to the attendance clerk for entry. Long term substitutes can be given a login but it should be deactivated as soon as their time is over.

What browsers are currently supported with the Campus product?

At this time, the Internet Explorer browser for both PC and MACs is supported. Firefox is also supported. Information on browser settings and desktop settings can be found in the Quick Reference guides.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts in the application?

Yes. Most of these are for navigation and searching.
CTRL-U: Switch to User Outline
CTRL-S: Switch to Search Index and bring up search dialog
CTRL->: Next Student
CTRL-<: Previous Student
CTRL-Q: Log Off
ALT-S: Quick Search
ALT-Enter: Save form

Students are rostered in classes, why can't I print their schedules?

Check the start dates for the calendars. If the enrollments for the students do not match the start dates of the calendar, schedules cannot be printed.

How do I run an honor roll report?

Use the Term GPA report in the Grading & Standards folder. The definition of an honor roll report is that of a listing of students with the top GPA for a specific term.

Why is the portal displaying grades that differ from the teacher's gradebook?
If there are multiple teacher assignments for a given section, all teachers must have preferences set to include weights on their assignment groups.

Is there a way to view the portal in other languages?

At this time, Campus has provided a Spanish language version of the portal. While we do realize there are more languages than Spanish and English spoken in today's students, we have not translated the portal into these other languages. If you have a need for a certain language, please contact your Campus Project Manager for available options.

Can special education or transportation data be entered into a custom tab?

Of course. But the idea of a custom tab is that it is something that is not provided in the standard Campus application. Items like special education, IEP documents, bus numbers already have places in Campus where this is entered. If a school wanted to track a student's place of employment or a counselor wanted to know where students were visiting college campuses, this should be created in a custom tab.

What rights are needed for parents to access the portal?

Tool rights do not need to be assigned to users of the portal. The only thing that needs to be set is the Homepage field on the user account - this needs to be set to Campus Portal.

Why are the tool rights that are not needed for certain object in Campus grayed out?

Even if the only right needed for an object is the lowest one (read), all four options (R W A D) are displayed so that the module container can act as a multi-select for all rights organized below in the tree. To keep this behavior consistent for all options, all rights are displayed.

Why is an error is occurring when a user deletes information from the student information module?

The ability to delete information is only granted if the user has read, write and add rights as well. Each right can be controlled separately and all four must be granted for full control of editors. Many wizard tools do a complex set of modify functions, which means that any access to wizards implies full control.