Spark/Movement Team

Jacque Pike-Spark Facilitator
Randy Durr
Kevin Heyer
Ryan Clark
Kathy Wise
Sandy Bishop
Grace Anderson
Jenny Darling-White
Jeff Bishop
Linda Anderson
Kim Wise- movement in the classroom
Curt Mayer-
Joe Bishop
Kim Wyman- movement in the classsroom school facilitator
Tina Krejci- movement in the classsroom school facilitator
Ruth Stephens
Mark Mortimor-
Richard Schaal
Mark Hansen-
Denise Herman-Movement in Classroom Facilitator
Mary Krisko-Curriculum Director
Dave Nicholas-Superintendent
Notes from November 3, 2010 meeting

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spark.jpgJohn Ratey

Brain Breaks from Michigan K-6 ideas

Movement and thinking to do with Students TODAY Ideas:

Moving and Learning Activities

color test Have students stand and point left or right if done as a whole class-standing being the exercise key-or they can point with leg.

Some simple actvities

Have student try this in groups and then give each a chance to solve it with the program.

Exercise Routines