Clickers-need to update Activ Inspire
Need USB
Need Poll

Register Clickers by clicking
Can rename these, but I had difficulty doing this.
When you begin students click to show they are using it.
Show question-teacher clicks on type of question and time or just stop in manually
Students cannot answer until the question type has been determined.
Teacher has to do the question type each time.

Promethean Board PLC
Teachers shared how they use the Promethean Board.
Casper has "Mini Me's to help with some technology such as Promethean Boards." These are upper grade students in the building.
ePals is an online sharing that can be with other countries.

RY LICE Promethean

FETC Board Info.

Promethean Training
September 24, 2010
Cindy Huhnke's room
Primary Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Settings does a lot
You can change the position of the board and change what tools are on the tool bar.
You can use the resources to sort by RTI Tiers: Tier1, Tier2, Tier3

Resource Brower-Put it on the toolbar
Clock -
Desktop tools
Resources on toolbar

Ticker Tape-You can put all of your questions on there going across.
You can have spelling words going across-you can speed it up or slow it down
Stay away fronm Red and Blues for special ed.
Click on it and push add.
You can move it up and downon the toolbar

You can make make multiple toolbars
Save as ...

300 Pros have a dual user
This means that two users can be on the Promethean board at the same time

We are not sure if Responders work with the Promethean boards yet.
We should look into Promethean clickers
It is possible to load the curriculum into the board software.

Make sure you have the handwriting recognition tool.

Things are on a CD.

Resource Packs
My Resource Packs--from PrometheanPlanet
Make sure you save to resource packs

If you want shapes, go to the reverse chevrons and then go to call outs
Sometimes the projectors stops getting calibrated

Have the lateset update 1.4.6
This scaffolds instruction

File is for instruction purposes

Configure button
launch next time

Move pages aroound
View --view browsers

to insert a page go to insert

Hit shapes
Hit a shape
change colors
Got to text to write on them
When you are in text, you need to be at a minimum from 36-48
Change the color of your text bar
Have it blue.
The icon of a keyboard is a keyboard.
File open---is my briefcase.

Save it in open and then put it in your briefcase.
The only thing on view right now is browers.

There are tons of templates.
Use media--import--add a video
Take a picture any time you would like.

Insert a website--a link
Link text to a web link.
Go to briefcase--go to file--open--
Kids Health

You want the multiple heads icon to see all of the assessments.
Uses the notepad to document benchmarks.
You can put the activation board at home as long as you have the number off the board
Get the professional version.

You will see pages.
Insert a question
or copy the lesson

you can copy and paste

If you can't get your browser, go to view.
go to grid tell it to be true or visitible
mkae sure it snaps to
grid designer will change the grid to what you need

Magic ink is a feature.
Promethean Planet
To use the revealer

Web site and file