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Sites for 2012/2013

August: Organizing the Classroom November: Laura Candler site with Freebie Resources October: iPad lessons Rubrics to use from Iowa for a 21st Century Classroom: 21St Century Classroom Components IPADS in the Classroom Higher order thinking in science and math What the teacher wants December: ipad Apps for struggling readers and writers January: School Signs February: Scholastic Facebook Questions and Answers Technology Rocks (President Activities) March: Lessons from Top Stem Schools Advice for Student Teachers April: Flipped Brain Rules May: Adventure to Fitness How Girls and Boys Learn Differently
September: Guide to Grammar
October: Grammar errors
November: (PowerPoint on Gadgets) Pinterest
December: Schrock Bloom's Kathy Schrock ABC Teach Resources
January: Math Playground with videos
Site ideas from a workshop Sandy and Kathy attended:
Thanks again to Sandy and Kathy!
February: Mnemonics for Prealgebra
April: Schrock Tools

2010/2011 Sites (PDF) To SEE: : Sharendipity Super Kids Discovery Brain Boosters
Interesting Ways to Use... ABC YA : external image pdf.png KingoreJust_what_I_Need.pdf external image pdf.png KIngoreDifferentiation.pdf
Math Blog


Qwiki Search Engine
Ways to Use sites/tools
100 sites to Use
ixl Math k-8 Kim found this site.

Featured Site for May:Top Ten Sites Some of the sites are blocked but that doesn't mean they have to stay blocked if they match your standards, don't take up too much bandwidth and are appropriate for school.
Featured Site for April: Tech Integration
This next one is to practice your coordination and learn how to fix computers! Requires a sense of humor! external image circuit.pps

Featured Site for March Literacy: Literacy Site Iditarod Link

Featured Site for February: Florida Student Centers

Featured Site January: Integrating Digital Images in the Classroom

Featured Site December: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

August: Free online learning math, keyboarding, health, etc.
September: The Top "New" Sites
November: Florida
December: Math Site: NCTM Good to Use with Projectors
April: Math TV
National Geographic for Kids